365 Day Decluttering Challange - Day...ah, erm...

Forgive me friends for I have sinned, it’s been…..ooooh ages since I last confessed.

I have been busy though, really busy.

The house is on the market so for the past two months or so we’ve been tackling all the really big decluttering challenges. There are a few.

The garage has definitely seen the most benefit from this. Himself insists on keeping all the boxes from appliances until the shop warranty has expired. Personally I don’t see the point and would rather just recycle the boxes to get rid of them. So that’s what I’ve done, every last one. They’re all gone, eighteen in total which were all piled up fully constructed (not even sensibly flattened) in my garage. Only an Irish man parks the car out on the street and locks all the junk and the £30 lawnmower away safely in the garage. Everything which needs to be kept but won’t be used for a while has been packed, labelled and shelved away for a moving date (whenever that will be). It’s been a long haul but at least it looks as though there’s room in there for a car now.

The roof space also got a thorough clearout. Again more boxes (he’s unstoppable), old toys which have been forgot about. These made their way to the local Simon Community. The Christmas decorations got cleared sorted and packed away. Now they only take up two stackable crates instead of the four huge cardboard boxes they were originally spread over. It’s a lot more pleasant up there now and there’s tons of space so we can start working our way around the house and sorting and packing anything that can be and storing it up out of the way until the move.

I may eventually get the minimalist home I’ve always dreamt of.

It may also rain skittles and m&m’s but don’t hold your breath.


  1. I tried to purge every day... but I'm more a 30 things once a month girl, myself.

    We have to work on our garage... it's pretty bad.

  2. Sounds as if you're making quite a bit of progress. I've been plugging away at it, but often only manage to purge one or two items daily. I'd much rather get rid of a lot of it at once.

  3. When you have finished yours, will you come round to do mine?

  4. Beth I can't do the everyday thing. I do throw things out everyday I just don't pay attention to what I'm doing so I couldn't tell you what it was I threw away a hour after I've done it. I'm useless like that. I'm like you, get stuck in a blaze through it in a day.

    Annie, it is being done under duress. It's only the thought of having to pack and move it all with us that's keepiing me at it.

    Jane. You're on your own girl :)


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